Saturday, 10 March 2012

Death of Dubstep

wooom wwooom bllep bleep dish pwrwaaaaaaik.. woom woom bammmm meooow...baaaaaam hmmmmmm hmmmm wooooom ...
            No its not a brocken down car with a parrot and a cat having interracial sex in it. And its not Aliens messaging or having sex. Its Dubstep put to words. Or letters. For those who have no idea what it is, i suggest you go over to google and search about it. come on put Google to other uses than browsing porn or completing your assignments. Heck, even i browse porn and watch , but hey i do other things too, things that are productive. Do something new for a change *laugh-out-loud*

                     So it’s been taking the world by storm for a while now. Dubstep is everywhere. We all know about it, many of us love it, You haven't ? Where have you been ? oh browsing porn *another-big-fat laugh* Now the problem is not being you not 'informed about this whole new musical genre'. No no no, i don't give a fuck whether you have listened to it or not. Its your loss, not mine, right ? make perfect sense. But there’s a massive problem brewing for us people that admire good music and its 'continuablity'……the yanks have got hold of Dubstep! NO PLEASE !, this is not an anti-american rant by another anti-american, scumbag,commie, Bin Laden, Ahaajinajad this that... not even Joseph Kony.

           But 'some American people', not the good day to day soldiers,farmers,work force, and good people of 'good' art forms, But 'some people' who are after to make fast bucks and fame and possibly some pussy, tend to go up on wild adventures of getting something famous and freaking that to their own profit. And maybe because the country is large and the big population, america has the vast numbers of it.

            Anyway , if you are reading from here on i strongly suggest to go and read about Dubstep and listen to some good dubstep by artists like Datsik(3 fist style, my favorite track), and then continue. Because if you don't, again is not my fault but you wouldn't be able to make a head-or-tail out of this post.

             Coming back to the topic at hand : after some research of a miniature scale i noticed that at the moment there is a wave of American producers coming into Dubstep from other genres. more the artists better right ? WRONG ! What is wrong is, these producers are flooding the genre with horrible mid range wobbled melodic shit, they have an addiction to the almighty ‘filth’(Obvious duuuh). It’s gored-out mosh music as opposed to dance music. Not to say these beatmakers don’t have talent(covers my self from the tomato's). But Take the new award winning - 'Skrillex' for example (that's the biggest laugh some of my friends and me had) , some of his intro’s are rare, the melodic trancey intro for ‘Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites’ is very good and well produced and is something not many does. His production is tight…….then comes the drop. The song turns from a catchy, trancey rhythm into a violent racket of overwhelming wobbles. His sound after the drop is plain and simple and there is a fairly long list of American producers my friend Sandaruwan(a persons name for those who only know english, a producer) can say the same about. The bass is growly and reminds me of nails on a chalkboard, it’s just all a little silly and a million miles away from the garage and dub inspired scenes in Britain. Yeah think that's where Dubstep was born according to my researches.
Skrillex - How gay and emo can you look at the same time
We should say NO to that kind of crap, c'mon. Stop yelling "OMFG ! Its Skillerx.. So Uber !" over the net with your Capslock on. The bugger wouldn't been another ordinary person if he didn't get that award heh. Or more likely if an artist like Deadmau5 didnt bring him upto his feet, OR MORE LIKELY if Dubstep didn't go to American producers.

      The yank producers are generally giving the genre a bad name, like they do with most. my friend actually said dubstep is now actually is dying. For me after listening to the genre for more than a year, Hearing shit from producers such as Skrillex, Excision and Figure is heartbreaking. They are butchering the sound of Dubstep and calling it Dubstep. It’s like sticking your cock in Vanessa Feltz and telling everyone you fucked Megan Fox.
                          As i found out Skrillex, released his first EP on the Mau5trap label, that helped him gain notoriety very very quickly. Due to the backing of the Mau5, all 8 tracks off his first EP were top rated. It’s a great achievement yes, but if the core american electronic music listeners user base (which i dont think has really acknowledged Dubstep that much as yet, fuck awards ! ) is going to finally acknowledge the genre through an artist like Skrillex and his shit, then I worry for the future. Now, there could be some producers over in Uncle Sam’s land that don’t produce this terrible gorestep. I don’t know. In fact there are bound to be, but I’m going on the producers that have gained reputations fast and are big names over there. Now I’m not picking on these guys, they have found a way to be successful and have hit a chord with Americans between the ages of 16 and 24. They are mad for it over there, and the money, the fame, the sex flows in.

          So there are people that say the genre needs to evolve, sure it does, every genre does to an extent, especially a relatively new one such as Dubstep.  To have longevity, evolution of a sound is a must. The problem is that there is a difference between evolution and perversion. Dubstep is going through both processes at once and the results couldn’t be further apart. When classical music evolved there wasn't suck cases like this. When Rock and Metal evolved the bands didn't go crazy and end up with non-nonsensical shit. Everyone made sure they made positive contributions.

       It’s definitely going to be interesting to see where we are heading. This violent pony that Skrillex and co. are producing is not going to go away. Not while the record companies have these money making machines on their hands. Capitalism will rear its ugly head and if they are making money, that’s it and if I’m honest, aslong as the sound doesn’t start influencing young, talented producers out there in the world, I don’t care. There is however, a problem in identifying what dubstep is these days. Unfortunately to some, it includes sounds that are so far apart from what I and many others perceive it as.
             Still at the end of the day, difference in opinion is what makes the world go round. But if there's a thing that money can move things. yes not some, but the mass.. the mob, money can move that. Its because of the need of money that there are thieves, that there are smugglers, that there are hookers, and that there are artists who has no passion on what they are doing. If such happens a good form of music can die out. Not completely, but would go underground, only to be cherished by those who loved it, and lost for the future. At the moment Dubstep is not dead. Its alive, but there is destruction. Dont let it die.

LokiMelkoR your good old Neighbor signing out. Leave a comment below(What ever, against the post or complements) for my efforts, so i know its appreciated.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Martyr Of Eros

Bright Skies, overshadowed by streaks of gray,
The sun dies out as the moonless dark sweeps the sky .
Look across the barren land what was once a field of green,
Look through a mist that tries to blind me,
with tears…

Cold wind echoes through my ear drums,
Not a voice to be heard, far across the leagues beyond.
No bird sings, no bat cries,
Nothing that makes music reaches through,
Voices echo in pain…

A hoarse voice lets it self out, a cry for help,
And it echo’s from stone to stone.
A dried tongue hangs for a drop of rain,
Cracks scars across with shades of dust

A hollow beat echo’s through somewhere,
somewhere deep inside that need to reach out.
The skin burns, Sight slowly plunging to darkness
Slowly as the noose tightness around the neck
The Martyr hangs in the name of named holy to his heart.


sexy 8n_thumb

LokiMelkoR pleads mercy from his fans for the long absence. But I am currently working on another project I had eye’s on for long. A novel. Lets see if it makes to the light of day.
Also Loki has learned that  When your nerves are pushed to its very limits where you cannot bear it, Creativity erupts.

Monday, 25 July 2011

She sells, her self. But please let her be….


                        Its not easy to speak one's mind. surely when the society is flooded with people with conservative's,the busybodies who scavenge on ones apathy and hypocrites, especially the latter two, since conservatives are now a endangered species anyway,.. like, anyway as I was saying: When the society is flooded by such stereotypes the open minded really get branded as freaks or some kind of person with a 'psychotic depression' or anyway they find fit to call. But hey ! that doesn't mean one has to be silent and let to be get pushed around right ? at least not me or few other who will approve this post. Or at least those who holds some value for free thought.

    And no .. No pictures for this post too .. go and watch a porn and wank off, or girls finger your selves.. that will be better than a picture.

                  Lets get to the story shall we..So like i am like really fed up with this anti-prostitution slogan going around the community for the past few months.. oh wait did i say the community ? Let me correct my self, our ‘Sri Lanka blogger community’, yeah lets go with that. I don't know who the mind-fuck-hypocrite started it, but suddenly between a 2 months time period, the bloggers in our country started posting about prostitution and well .. bum bum baaa …saying its bad. Just to put it short that way, you know the usual conservative ideas yeah ? ah those. But they never were conservatives really,just plain hypocrites i mean, they didn't prove any point how it is bad, but just you know few random photos of foreign hookers you just find on Google and all the post was saying was "Prostitution is bad". The most funny part is that well all.. well at least just say 99% of theses bloggers were between 18 to 25 years old.

    Hooray ! ! !  we have a bunch of new wave of male-young-good-moral'd band of bloggers. Then again in the course did we forget or let it slip our mind how hypocrites they them selves have been. Or the idiots who commented approving the post ??  I mean shit c'mon who are they kidding, Some of them i know personally and too well. I’ve seen them drooling when they see a MILF pass by.Ok not MILF, any chick. They've been watching Xena the warrior princes and wanking to it, gosh most of 'em are single lol,and few are not. 

    So as i was saying this bunch is also same perverted as you and i, watches porn as you and i, glances at MILF as you and i, and does every shit like you and i , expect they and i are bloggers except you guys LOL ! (point and laugh), goes into this anti-prostitute rant over their blogs. Don't get angry, that was an ice breaker.

     So like anyway , why does the society take down on prostitutes ? Can somebody give a reasonable, decent, mature enough keeping the fact in mind that we are humans and subject to our animal instincts.(keep the utopian wise talk out okay. That really annoys me,cuz it makes me feel like im arguing with a dum ignorant with a an over stuffed philosophical mind). Is it just because they are so silent that , you can actually throw shit at them them all you want and get no shit back … and doing so you feel so macho of actually pawning somebody ? I mean you don’t see prostitutes rallying up on street for their rights like you bastards who get to streets brandishing your pitch forks and all those slogans just whenever something is not in your way or.. you want a pay rise.

    AND DONT ! come up with the silly argument about morals and little kids. The morals have been long gone and i don't know when, and kids.. well they have been there always and of course since time back when porn was was first created they have been watching them too. I mean i remember me and 99% who I know in my age first watched a porn when we are just 14 years old. And its porn video, not just some silly nude pictures of women, that came way before that. the left over 1% ?? oh they watched in the following year. They observed what kind of effect porn had on us for a whole year and finding non … decided to give a shot.and look.. we are still functioning normal.. we don't go pick up fights in the streets like you do, we are not rapists like some of you do, we don't sexually harass like you do, and most of of all we we don't call 'gay-fags' to anyone who doesn't agree with our opinions like you do over the internet. I bet we could give more delight in sex to a girl than a guy who hasn't watched a porn . That would be a trouble really.. I mean to find a guy who hasn’t watched porn .. lol. Girl's, don't feel so "oh what he is talking about ??"  or "God my guy isn't like that" ... if males weren't so pervert as they are now and ever will be, human race would've been extinct ages ago, and neither would you have a guy. Or it might've been girls fighting over guy's to gat laid than the other way around which is of course the Drama that goes around teen guys.

             So amidst porn and the hookers and the strip clubs and the sex clubs' human kind still prevails. If you want something to keep your kids away from.. that's politics and war. Politics and war i tell you ! keep your kid away from those.

     For all in my part i don't think a big deal out about prostitutes. I just say, if someone wants to be a prostitute.. let them me. Its their choice, its their life. Let them live it in their own way. The profession has been for so long and earned the title as the oldest profession in mind kind. They are bunch of ordinary bunch of male or female species, who go in their normal lives except as they chose to delight most etiquette desires of the unlucky males and the females(c'mon give a chance for  lesbians and the bi's eh? ) who never got enough sex life for their money making thingy .. sounds a good sacrifice to me. No one goes to choose prostitution because somebody said so right ? and nobody uses a prostitute just because somebody says so. The both parties operate under their own decisions. Its just a simple argument.

So just let it be people.. just let prostitutes and what ever the fuck associated with them be..
you just wanted a picture didn’t you … well . here’s something I like. It’s a favorite shoot of mine.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

"... My Friends Metal is here to stay. It not going back..." – It was Psycho Martyrdom

           At this time around last week i was slowly recovering from a aching neck and a aching leg .. which i thought is broken. Plus an aching Spine , working on a java software.. no its not the software ...

         Good things do not come easy , and so should not be taken easily for the granted. They come and within a short period of time and without a warning may pass you by even without realizing it actually did. So that you must take to note that those seconds golden and even though, you inevitably fail to do so should do your utmost to squeeze and hold that precious little time that comes and goes by.

    Why , why this start .. well the thing are not simple anymore. Last few weeks this country was toured by numerous bands from around the world. Playing along with our local talents. Bringing the house down, singing their hearts away, playing like there's no tomorrow and the head bangs , mosh pits like there was never a thing to care about. Yeap, without a warning Colombo's Metal scenario erupted like Vesuvius on Pompeii. No prisoners man. Myself with my fellow brothers of chaos had the fortune to attend of one. And none the less it was as i was speaking .. PSYCHO MARTYRDOM.. Featuring Cyanide Serenity from UK , Nervecell from Dubai , and of course Pure Sri Lankan metal giants Stigmata.(6th May 2011 British International Auditorium)
    Me and my friends were so psyched up fir it from the very beginning when the first few hints ran up in none other than the much known social networking place to all : Facebook.  Running down to get tickets, ordering the gig shirts. LoL ok we weren't the organizers. But surely as a fan , these things do take you up till you cant actually bear it. And well finally we came to that day.. I remember waking up on the bed expecting a Nuke to go up. Really that was the atmosphere down in Colombo, and every metal head was biting his or her's nails.

     Well coming to the show then, after jumping in with security clearance and all that customary that goes on, The show was opened by a surprise by R.A.G.E taking Rage - Picture by Whatsupcolombo.lkup stage. A new band with familiar faces and promising talent. The guys did killer covers of Cowboys from Hell by Pantera and Grace by Lamb of God ...Hey ... did i get that LOG song right ? because i went to a real psycho-head-banging-frenzy to that and cant remember shit. Im a real Lamb of God fan .. Totally. I cant remember either why my knee hurt after that song. The pain went for four days .. well that's battle scars anyway. The Guys did real something to warm up the crowd for what's in store for the night.Cyanide Serenity

     Then ... mnyehahaha (Evil Laugh) ...Cyanide Serenity took stage, Some thing i mentioned is they've added Travis from Divine Heresy (A very Notable track to me is Facebreaker). Now that was a real awesome piece of a vocal add. It was very obvious that Travis is a good change for the sounds of the band. As i was much familiar with the voices from Matt , this was a pleasant surprise really. A very lively person up the stage with previous experiences together with DH. The tracks "Belive In the Sun" , "System Failure" , "Foundations" really shifted the crowd from their feat and their necksCyanide Serenity working out. I remember at a one place where Travis asked the crowd "Are you ready Colombo ?" To which i blurted out "Bring the fuck on ..." which was echoed by him and and replied by their track foundations.. Very amusingly it is my favorite track out of CS. It was a such a sadness to see the guys get off the stage after few tracks.

Cyanide Serenity

I mean last Sri Lanka experienced was As i Lay Dying with a drizzle of rain.. but at indoor conditions where 'Psycho ...' was at you just don't want it to stop like that.




                        Well after Cyanide its none than The Pure Sri Lankan Metal’ists Stigmata took the stage. And well you cant imagine the response of the crowd.. They all went up in feet chanting "Stigmata" like some spirit all of suddenly took over their body.. Well same goes with me. I just don't know what happened to me that night. It was like an experience of being possessed , only you just wish it would never end.  Stigmata kicked of with 'Spiral Coma' and well very much suites for the possessed minds. Followed by their own Mariachi song "Jazz Theory". Well if you didn't get it right there is a Mariachi guitar solo infused with this thrash metal track. Again this was followed by an anthem of the band 'Andura' and of course finishing of their act by their own ode to their fans .. 'March Of the saints'. Well Stigmata really stole the spot light there with their own uniqueness. Its very awesome shit.






                                Next up of course its the Metal Giants from middle east. Nervercell. Currently setting up their HQ in Dubai,whereas the quartet are from four different locations of this planet, which i mentioned before. The band played its usual Thrash and Death metal infused music, which was very much taken roots into the band than the last time they toured  Sri Lanka a year ago. The guys were very distinct from others in their act and well that should be admired. To be frank fully truthful i was never a great fan of the genre so its almost Zero that I've heard on Nervecell. I even missed the last time they toured Sri Lanka. Well its this time that it got a full dose out of them to my ears and man .. they really are mesmerizing. I mean, to me , unlike many other bands in the same Genre these guys were quite different. There was a lot of 'soul' into the music as i say... Its really hard to put the finger to the point , but these guys are really something. Its no wonder that they are well recognized around the world playing along Opeth , Amon Amrath , Machine Head and Arch Enemy.






           Well so as good things come , so they must go. Time is not merciful, amidst the screams, Growls, fast riffs , slow Strumming's , Camera flicks, moshess, Head bangs and flirting along's ... the whole fiasco drew from start to the very end. I saw lots of people walking out saying what a wonderful night it had been. Well indeed it was.. such a memory will be etched forever.

    This show had its own significance in the Sri Lankan Metal industry as well. This show stood up to say that Rock and roll in this country is not a 'Silent Revolution' no longer, that this island will be known in future as "The Loudest Island on Earth". Kudos for all those shed their blood and sweat along with 891 Crew to make this event a success. And of course Nervecell and Cyanide Serenity for coming down and being super-down-to-earth-cool through out, and giving 200% out of them selves. To wrap up things in this post quoting Suresh De Silva of Stigmata "... My Friends Metal is here to stay. It not going back..." and a "meeeow" from Tennyson Napoleon.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

The Cyanide Nervecelled Stigmata. ‘Psycho Martyrdom’ – The Revolution is Silent no longer.

      Things have been gearing for some time. The smell in the air.. The sounds I’ve been hearing … NO I mean really. There were voices. Nope…  Not a specter. Real People, speaking in the street, well yeah duuh they do. But the subject. That really threw off me to the air. There were people speaking about Rock. Save Metal and its sub genres, but people are suddenly speaking about a presence of ‘new musical’ genre in this country. Well don’t be surprised, cause like this land is really somewhat late catching up with rock, except for few. But now there are things moving gears changed peddle to the floor.
       I remember a time where Metal was ‘Our Silent Revolution’. It’s not the scene now mates. Just another few flicks here and there and itll be joining the main stream and taking everyone off their steps. All dedication goes to the Bands that toiled hard. Relentless-bleeding-sweating… committing everything they had to offer for the cause. Really guys… you guys can be proud of your selves.
      Somewhat after a year and some months from popular metal band ‘As I Lay Dying’ touring Sri Lankan soil along with Nervecell from Dubai, there came Colombo Open Air last 30th April. Ok you didn’t hear it wrong.. It’s not Waken Open Air... It’s COLOMBO OPEN AIR! there were respectful Sri Lankan Metal bands Fallen Grace, HOLLOW , Mass Damnation Plus The Vedic Band coming down Rudra plus Absence of Sacred from Singaporean lands. OK guys and girls I wasn’t there , I was more like in the Counter Strike 1.6 server when I should be studying for the Java exams. But hey there were lots of sources I got , and by the info goes, things were really awesome and killer.  Mmm yea saw some flicks by Natalie Soyza and Thiva Arunagirathnam who were always making magic stills around the biggest happ’s around town. Damn I somehow feel I missed something dear..
      Well hey... Things don’t need to be all bad don’t they? I mean for gosh sakes, there another shit this week end and my java paper is over today. I’ll cut the long words and say the show title is none other than “Psycho Martyrdom”. Yeap that’s it. Why am I so Psyched? Well another two foreign Metal bands are going to hit the Lions Turf. Hell Yeah! Just a week after one here comes another. Somebody pinch me! ! !

  Nervecell, A band that toured with along ‘As I lay Dying’ around early 2010 as I recall or very late 2009 Dec. Cant remember.. I have a good memory but frankly its short. Anyway, Nervecell is hitting back once again, they must have really enjoyed our fans last tour and well they are coming back to feel the sensation to roar along with the Lions. What is really a something of a fact is that although the band resides in Dubai beating in the Dustbowl as you’d might imagine... they have a quite a unique line up. Because like their members are from Lebanon , India , Jordan and well a drummer from Australia as I  am informed (Beat up the guys from ‘Encyclopedia Metallum’ if I am wrong). It’s a unique symbol feature of music that It has no boundaries, no care for skin color, no idea about religion.. But it’s all about moving the grey mind domain, beat along with the vein-center.  
Shunq (the Despaired…King of Darkness)... a notable track of their album gets a new video around this time. Quite a band. They have a number of notable tracks and they’ll be here along in the touring process of supporting their latest album PsychoGenocide.
Cyanide Serenity with Travis added to the line up
Cyanide Serenity hailing from UK will be also joining the mayhem. The Brits .. Long known in our soils for occupying for some time to warm up around the  tropical sun and well Cricket, is also Famed for Rock and Metal. Releasing their debut EP “Consume Me” in February 2011 which depicted a mix of Metal, Melodic and Death core has earned their own status in UK soils. Their much known act was supporting Iron Maiden  in Bangalore, India for almost a 30,000 strong Indian crowd. Gaining fast crowd, fame, along with adding Travis of Divine Heresy for the Vocalist department. For me a well known track is Facebreaker from him with DH. While a sog that I like of CS is none other ‘Foundations’. The band is due to re-record the album with Travis, but they’ll be giving a sample how it’ll sound like on Lion soil.. LIVE.

Stigmata - Picture by Natalie Soysa
Well... Coming to the hosts... It’s none other than Sri Lankan Metal Giants Stigmata who’ll be whipping the crowd and welcoming the two foreign bands. Stigmata after releasing their album ‘Psalms of Conscious Martyrdom’ last year is fast set in motion increasing their fan-base around the world. Resulting a Australian tour last October where the wallabies got whipped out of their feet. The band entering way back the years with distinct sounds of Thrash Metal , Death Metal now is experimenting Progressive Metal not straying far from their roots.. Adding new color and dimensions. Sri Lankan Metal heads...I know you need no particular introduction. But the non-metal heads.. people around the world. Things are a tough uphill to explain Stigmata to you. It’s very hard to explain guys and girls. Because they have their own notion of sound and things put up together, that even I can’t say they ‘sound like this’. You just have to take a go and see for your selves.

      So like me and my rag-a-tag team is all psyched up and waiting to hit the Gig “Psycho Martyrdom” which is held on 6th May 6 to 11pm on British International College Auditorium, Colombo Sri Lanka. Organizers have released a killer shirt to celebrate the event... And well... It has a something of an artwork too.  Those who’ll be there... catch ya around. Be there though.. I highly recommend it that it’ll Psyche you guys.

      The Silent Revolution is no more .. Things are going to get loud here on… No prisoners…

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Cisco releases security, network convergence upgrades for storage switches

Ok this is very out of the way for me to post something like this you might say. But hey Im a tech geek too i follow a IT degree which also covers Networking ... so i better put up some contribution to the IT industry too right  ?? After all Girls love geeks. Because Geeks knows HTML (How To Make Love).
Just a bit of change in word style and the Topic today ...
Just following on CISCO news i found out that Cisco 30th March unveiled security and network convergence upgrades to its line of director-class data center switches, including a new multi-hop Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) capability for the Nexus 7000, 5000 and 3000 series and MDS 9500 switch family.
The data traffic unification features extend to Cisco's Unified Computing System, its Data Center Network Manager software and to NX-OS, the data center operating system that spans the company's data center portfolio of switches.
Cisco also have announced a new MDS 9000 Storage Media Encryption tool, which encrypts data whether it's being stored to disk or tape and requires no storage area network (SAN) reconfiguration.
The company said it has also completed the integration of its Data Center Network Manager software for SANs with VMware, allowing users a single view of their entire network infrastructure right down to virtual machine (VM) paths.
Cisco also announced a new Data Center Management API that allows third-party network management software to see traffic across Cisco's line of Unified Computer System (USC) blade servers and data center switches. For example, Cisco's hardware can now be viewed through Hewlett-Packard's OpenView, EMC's Ionix or IBM's Tivoli management sofwtware.
The Data Center Management (DCM) API works by using the Storage Networking Industry Association'sStorage Management Initiative Standard (SMI-S), an XML-based messaging interface for unified management of heterogeneous storage systems.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Looking for Band Aid, For live 8 … For Humanity.


    Sorry for the lack of image... I just don't feel like it…

Accident happen when least expected, Disasters take place uncalled for. Both leaves valuable lives tortured to their very edges of lives. Most of people who meat with a terrible accident and were lucky to still get away with a limb of claim that they were lucky that their lives remains. But have you realize how much of a turmoil and torture they face after losing a limb? Or maybe it's their loved ones, whatever, they do hurt. Hurt a lot. Imagine in a mass scale when that cake gets topped with a cream of natural disaster. It makes you feel it's the Apocalypse ,or maybe walking in hell.

Out of all sudden? Why? Ah yes, you are intelligent enough to realize. Japan mon ami's. J-A-P-A-N… Japan

    What one nation faces today is totally almost the Apocalypse. Believe me, I'm a Sri Lankan (Lions Rawrrr ! ) and we faced a terrible Tsunami down in the end of 2004(correct me if I'm wrong). And things were like hell. Families ruined by loosing loved one's. Some lost not just one, but maybe the whole family. Like Child left after losing brother, mother father… or maybe a Wife left without her loved husband and child. Most of these victims were totally distorted in their psychological entity. Sri Lanka and well, the other countries that were affected back then were I think a little lucky to get away like that. Unfortunately, things aren't the same with Japan out there today.

I mean adding a cherry to that cream cake is Nuke plant mayhem.

    Damn, I'm not there, but I guess people who are there are maybe like, as I said walking in hell. You maybe wondering why I am writing ll this shit. Maybe that I'm a Cute Japanese girl fan, or the pervy Manga's and Anime's.. Sure I'm a huge fan of the Yakuza girls, the Manga, Anime, Sushi and the culture... But what it's all about is feeling towards humans. Last week ago I think, I saw some idiots(a priest actually) and some cahoots of his post claiming this as a payback from God for the attack on Perl Harbor and the killings of Marines in the war Pacific theater of WW2. I was like... Well I was not shocked at first, but more like:

" Oi !!! What the Fuck???".

Seriously this is true and and not a pathetic lie that I waste my time writing a blog. If I don't have juice on my blog I don't write…ok not type wise guy. But surely not lies.

    Where the hell that idiot gets the idea or maybe the imagination to link this with the attack on Perl harbor? And at moments like this? Surely can you call that person as a man of god? What a world we live in.

We are humans, nothing perfect, and nothing immortal in us, subject to all the miseries tha go around the world. And I know there aren't a lest enjoyment like being a sub to another human Master or Mistress. We are born sub's to mistress of nature and boy she hurts a lot when she punishes. And well l, as a human I do feel a huge pain, maybe it's not the same as them in that plight. Still, when humans are hurt, they are.

    But even in that plight we as human can stand shoulder to the others. We have the power. There are numerous stories to standing up together for a cause. And please do get together for the cause. There is huge beach party going at Libya with firecrackers and Noise. But let's forget that for a bit and let the proper people like the army handle that and we humans contribute on whatever we can do for Japan.

Man I do wish for a Band Aid tour in collecting the dollars for Japan …