Monday, 25 July 2011

She sells, her self. But please let her be….


                        Its not easy to speak one's mind. surely when the society is flooded with people with conservative's,the busybodies who scavenge on ones apathy and hypocrites, especially the latter two, since conservatives are now a endangered species anyway,.. like, anyway as I was saying: When the society is flooded by such stereotypes the open minded really get branded as freaks or some kind of person with a 'psychotic depression' or anyway they find fit to call. But hey ! that doesn't mean one has to be silent and let to be get pushed around right ? at least not me or few other who will approve this post. Or at least those who holds some value for free thought.

    And no .. No pictures for this post too .. go and watch a porn and wank off, or girls finger your selves.. that will be better than a picture.

                  Lets get to the story shall we..So like i am like really fed up with this anti-prostitution slogan going around the community for the past few months.. oh wait did i say the community ? Let me correct my self, our ‘Sri Lanka blogger community’, yeah lets go with that. I don't know who the mind-fuck-hypocrite started it, but suddenly between a 2 months time period, the bloggers in our country started posting about prostitution and well .. bum bum baaa …saying its bad. Just to put it short that way, you know the usual conservative ideas yeah ? ah those. But they never were conservatives really,just plain hypocrites i mean, they didn't prove any point how it is bad, but just you know few random photos of foreign hookers you just find on Google and all the post was saying was "Prostitution is bad". The most funny part is that well all.. well at least just say 99% of theses bloggers were between 18 to 25 years old.

    Hooray ! ! !  we have a bunch of new wave of male-young-good-moral'd band of bloggers. Then again in the course did we forget or let it slip our mind how hypocrites they them selves have been. Or the idiots who commented approving the post ??  I mean shit c'mon who are they kidding, Some of them i know personally and too well. I’ve seen them drooling when they see a MILF pass by.Ok not MILF, any chick. They've been watching Xena the warrior princes and wanking to it, gosh most of 'em are single lol,and few are not. 

    So as i was saying this bunch is also same perverted as you and i, watches porn as you and i, glances at MILF as you and i, and does every shit like you and i , expect they and i are bloggers except you guys LOL ! (point and laugh), goes into this anti-prostitute rant over their blogs. Don't get angry, that was an ice breaker.

     So like anyway , why does the society take down on prostitutes ? Can somebody give a reasonable, decent, mature enough keeping the fact in mind that we are humans and subject to our animal instincts.(keep the utopian wise talk out okay. That really annoys me,cuz it makes me feel like im arguing with a dum ignorant with a an over stuffed philosophical mind). Is it just because they are so silent that , you can actually throw shit at them them all you want and get no shit back … and doing so you feel so macho of actually pawning somebody ? I mean you don’t see prostitutes rallying up on street for their rights like you bastards who get to streets brandishing your pitch forks and all those slogans just whenever something is not in your way or.. you want a pay rise.

    AND DONT ! come up with the silly argument about morals and little kids. The morals have been long gone and i don't know when, and kids.. well they have been there always and of course since time back when porn was was first created they have been watching them too. I mean i remember me and 99% who I know in my age first watched a porn when we are just 14 years old. And its porn video, not just some silly nude pictures of women, that came way before that. the left over 1% ?? oh they watched in the following year. They observed what kind of effect porn had on us for a whole year and finding non … decided to give a shot.and look.. we are still functioning normal.. we don't go pick up fights in the streets like you do, we are not rapists like some of you do, we don't sexually harass like you do, and most of of all we we don't call 'gay-fags' to anyone who doesn't agree with our opinions like you do over the internet. I bet we could give more delight in sex to a girl than a guy who hasn't watched a porn . That would be a trouble really.. I mean to find a guy who hasn’t watched porn .. lol. Girl's, don't feel so "oh what he is talking about ??"  or "God my guy isn't like that" ... if males weren't so pervert as they are now and ever will be, human race would've been extinct ages ago, and neither would you have a guy. Or it might've been girls fighting over guy's to gat laid than the other way around which is of course the Drama that goes around teen guys.

             So amidst porn and the hookers and the strip clubs and the sex clubs' human kind still prevails. If you want something to keep your kids away from.. that's politics and war. Politics and war i tell you ! keep your kid away from those.

     For all in my part i don't think a big deal out about prostitutes. I just say, if someone wants to be a prostitute.. let them me. Its their choice, its their life. Let them live it in their own way. The profession has been for so long and earned the title as the oldest profession in mind kind. They are bunch of ordinary bunch of male or female species, who go in their normal lives except as they chose to delight most etiquette desires of the unlucky males and the females(c'mon give a chance for  lesbians and the bi's eh? ) who never got enough sex life for their money making thingy .. sounds a good sacrifice to me. No one goes to choose prostitution because somebody said so right ? and nobody uses a prostitute just because somebody says so. The both parties operate under their own decisions. Its just a simple argument.

So just let it be people.. just let prostitutes and what ever the fuck associated with them be..
you just wanted a picture didn’t you … well . here’s something I like. It’s a favorite shoot of mine.


  1. Good Shit dude !!! i'll share this post with my blog frends too !!! :) :)

  2. Hey man! this is so true and n u r being normal which most guys cant be.but,better if uv mentioned abt those innocent girls who are forced cheated and pushed in to prostitution who hav no other option than selling herself.

  3. Thanks very much my annoynymous friend. If you can give a hint about who you are i will be gratefull. Yes i do thought about that. But that is really not the case as i see. I mean we are responsible for our selve's one can be forced into it. But its one's decision whether to stay in it.. I mean thats how as i see.

  4. Well m not in any extremist group or anything ,just read this and found it reasonable.Yes I do 1000% agree wit u in da fact that we r responsible for ourselves, but u knw I read this book "Ratha noratha ratha"about a prostitute n how she ws driven in to it n etc. It covers the world of prostitution in sri lanka as I see.Ones u r locked up in hell there r limited or nearly 0 chances of stepping out in the Sri Lankan scenario,thnx to the double faced, shit culture here. This might be different in other countries where prostitution is legalized n they have a voice in the outside world.

  5. well of course your argument is correct if a woman chooses the profession or works for herself.Sadly in Srilanka it's not the case,many businessman's and politician's bring underage as well as less wealthy girls into prostitution and that's where it goes wrong.They aren't paid well the bosses take most of the share and this is the truth.Though they are branded prostitutes they are actually slaves satisfying their master's as well as being an income.This is the true side of it

  6. Thanks for sharing your views friends. Thanks very much.

  7. Ya in here , its better to legalize this profession....though the oldest .
    it'll help for the innocent girls who gonna rape from such a mad fuckers in future....

  8. completely agree kollo.......A good blog.Appreciate this..